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Legal provocations come from all directions.
What’s ahead for yours targets and future plans?

The small law firm office provide legal services for people from abroad that need legal advises and Law assistance in Italy.

Lawyers for civil and administrative problems in Italy work as part of your team, helping solve your toughest and most complex legal issues.


We have already provided services for abroad companies or simple people abroad needed help for domestic Italian problems, as well as  property or credit problems, included bank transaction and debts restructuring before

Italian offices, and so we are ready for your challenge.


Dispute resolution before any Italian Court is provided across Italy in accordance with Italian Law and by a team

made up for your needs.


We provide in Italian any contracts in English and English contracts in Italian standards, with consistency and efficiency control before Italian system.

Focus on the main "Practices Areas" or read our blog (click here), use the website's Search Engine for any request.

· Take a look at our posts in English, or submit your case. 


               Don’t hesitate to contact us in order to find out the best solution to your dispute.

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